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General sales conditions


The sale of products on Medhelan.com is regulated by the present general condition of sales consituted in the following articles.


1 the parts

Medhelan srl, from here in ahead for brevity "Seller", it develops his/her own activity of electronic commerce through the site of on-line sale www.medhelan.com, from  now on  "e-commerce", and it directly turns  to the "final Consumer."
"Final consumer": any physical person that purchases goods from the aforesaid site and that it eventually acts for extraneous purposes to the entrepreneurial, commercial, handicraft or professional activity turn. and not what professional. The physical or juridical person mustnt  act in the exercise of his/her own entrepreneurial, commercial, handicraft or professional activity or through a middleman .
To purchase Products through our Site you must be 16.

The orders through our Site are permitted  only to  consumers, and not to  retailers.
It is the clients’ responsibility  to guarantee that the information furnished to Medhelan S.r.l.  is accurate and complete.
The Seller can make  changes e/o integrations to the present "General Conditions of Sale" at any moment. as long as the client accepts the "General Conditions of Sale" during the purchase.


product: every product is represented by a photo and  is equipped by one " product sheet" that  contains:
- general description.
- Colors and available sizes.

3. Price.
General description: it deals with a brief description that presents some characteristics of the product. Terms of imagination can also be used and however not referable directly to the product. The compositions, or rather the reported percentages to the fabrics and materials are those written in the labels of the products in sale.
Colors and sizes: the colors and the sizes are merely described. The product color in the photo may not be 100% faithfull to the original, eventual differences could depend on technical factors such as the resolution of the video of the Client and other factors.

For  sizes refer to the  guide sizes present on the site.
Price: the declared price in the "catalog",  is the price of sale to the comprehensive public of IVA, excluding   transport expenses, and export tariff. Medhelan S.r.l. reserves hitself the right to modify  prices at any moment without warning. The price is established during  "Confirmation of order."
Photo: despite the photos are taken with care, it is possible that the photos don't faithfully represent the product. Accordingly, Medhelan S.r.l. it is not responsible for the possible inadequacy of the graphic representations of the products shown on e-commerce. Selection of the product and construction of the shopping cart: the selection of the product happens through the choice of color and size followed by a click on the button "you Add to the cart." The "Cart" can contain one or more products and can be modified at any moment before its "Confirmation of order."
Confirmation of the order: the confirmation of the order can happen after the insertion of the information which is essential for the charge and consignment of the commodities listed in its "Confirmation of order", including  shipping and handling costs.
Formality of payment: before the acceptance of the order the Client, must choose one among the following formalities of payment

1.Pay Pal: in case of selection of Pay Pal the Client must follow the present procedures inside the site of Pay Pal.
2. Credit card: in case of selection of Credit card the Client must follow the procedures of credit card company.
3. I Banking: in case of selection of I banking the Client must make a bank transfert using the bank  coordinates declared. proof of made payment is given at the moment of purchase accredited on the account of the Seller and only at  that moment  the order will be delivered.
Banking coordinates:

account name : Medhelan S.r.l.

Iban:  IT56W0503433711000000290171


Banco Populare  - Ag. St. Donato Milanese, via Adige.
Acceptance of the order: the Seller reserves the right  to refuse the order, if the Client has not respected the procedure of purchase, or if hasn’t  furnished all the requested data for consignment and billing or  if the payment has not gone through successfully. If the Invoice  information of billing furnished by the consumer is wrong or not verifiable, the order is identified by our safety systems as an unusual order or potentially fraudulent, the consumer is less than 16 years old, the consumer is a retailer or the consumer who  doesn't act (or motives exist for believing that  doesn't act) as a consumer, in case of selection of the method Pay Pal, has not correctly happened , in case of impossibility to effect the delivery to the address furnished by the consumer.
After the dispatch of an order, our Society can effect some verifications before delivering the orders transmitted by the consumer. Said verifications  include the control of the address of the credit worth and of possible fraudulent activities. regarding this last type of verifications: automated controls are partially effected on all  purchases due  to  suspicious or unusual transactions or transactions that can result fraudulent.

The presumed frauds on the site www.medhelan.com.  will be object of investigation and  eventually pursued by the senses of the law. With the transmission of the order, expressively the consumer accepts what precedes .
The total amount includes the sum of the prices of sale and the expenses of transport , according to the purchasers delivery choice, written  on e-commerce.
The order can be refused from the Seller, if  some contentiouses exsist between  Medhelan S.r.l. and the Client and for any other legitimate motivation.
Acceptance of the order: the Client accepts his/her own order with  the Confirmation of the order, as from article 2 paragraph 3, to the Seller by email

The Confirmation of the order will be archived in  our data bank  for the necessary period of time to complete  the orders and however in the terms of law.
The disposition language to conclude the contract with the Seller is Italian/English.

Concluded the contract, Medhelan Srl will take in load your order of purchase.
Availability products:  when and if a product is no longer avaible after purchase it will be the care of the seller to immideatly communicate to the customer an in any case within 30 days the non avaibility of the ordered prduct.

With the transmission of the Confirmation of the order the Client declares to know and to accept the General Conditions of Sale and the further contained information in www.medhelan.com.
Concluded the contract, the Seller will transmit to the Client by electronic mail, a receipt of the order of purchase.

On the Site Web they are exclusively offered in sale products of first quality.
The Seller doesn't sell used products, irregular or of inferior quality to the standard correspondents offered on the market.
All the products are provided with identifiction tag. The Client must not remove the tag from the purchased products, of which they constitute integral part.
The Seller, in case of refund policy request, has the faculty not to accept the restitution of the products that has been altered in their essential and qualitative characteristics or that has been damaged.
Upon delivery it recommends  to inspect  packaging  to verify if (the) the number of the delivered products is equal to that written in the document of delivery.if the package is damaged, and  if the delivered product is conformed with that  ordered. With exception of the mandatory norms  for the consumer applied by the law if the products do not conform to how much it precedes, it is begged not to accept the delivery.
The client can require any information through our services of assistance: by email info@medhelan.com

6. right to return policy.
The Client has the right to recede from the concluded contract with the Seller, without any penalty and without specifying its motive, within fourteen (15) working days, elapsing from the day of the reception of the products purchased on E-commerce. It is possible to change the product with another.
To recede from the contract the client must use the return application form of enclosure to the order and to follow the rules it contains.
The expenses that the Client must hold will be those of consignment for the restitution of the purchased products unless the restitution is not due to an error of consignment from GLS. The package must be sent to Medhelan srl Via del bosco, 41, Bust Arsizio VA. The Right of Return policy - beyond the respect of the terms and the formalities described before -intends correctly if it is respected entirely the followings conditions:
a.  the Form of the return policy must be correctly filled in and transmitted to the Seller within ten (10) working days from the reception of the products;
b. the products must not have been used, worn, washed or damaged;
c. the identification tag must still be attached to the products.
d. the products must be returned in their original wrapping.

e. the  products must be sent to the Seller in a single consignment paid for by the client

f. The  products must be delivered by  messenger within ten (10) elapsing working days from the date in which you have received the products.
If the Right of return policy is practiced following the formalities and the suitable terms in  paragraph 6, the Seller provides to refund the eventual sums already paid for the purchase of the products or to change a product with another required by the Client.
The sums will be refunded to the Client in the smallest possible time and, in every case, within thirty (30) days from the date in which the Seller has come to knowledge of the exercise of the right of return policy from the Client.

The Seller will provide to activate the procedures of reimbursement, once verified the correct execution of the terms and the conditions above suitable, as suitable in paragraph 7.
If the formalities and the terms are not respected for the right of return policy, as specified in this paragraph, the Client won't have the right to the reimbursement of the sums already corresponded to the Seller. nevertheless, the Client, at his own expense  can recover the products in the state in which they have been returned to the Seller. In contrary case, the Seller can hold back the products, and the already paid sums for their purchase.

Times of consignment: the times of consignment don't depend on Medhelan S.r.l. but on the formality of consignment chosen by the Client during the construction of the order and from the forwarder with which the purchased commodities will be sent. The delivery generally, happens maximum within sixty (60) working days in Italy. Except in unexpected circumstances permitting. The Seller, is not however responsible for delay of  delivery  time even if it will put all the necessary actions for their respect into effect.
Costs of consignment: the cost of the consignment is paid for by the Client and is inserted in the amount  in the confirmation of the order : The cost of consignment will be indicated in the confirmation order and depends on factors chosen by the Client.

After the restitution of the products, the Seller handles the necessary checks related to the conformity of the same. In the case in which the verifications conclude positively, the Seller provides to send to the Client, an email with the relative confirmation of the acceptance of the products so returned.
Whatever is the formality of payment used by the client, the reimbursement is activated by the Seller in the smallest possible time and however within thirty (30) days from the date in which the Seller has come to knowledge of the exercise of your right of return policy previous verification of the correct execution of the right of return policy of the Client and acceptance of the returned products. If there is no correspondence between the recipient of the products pointed out in the form of order and who has performed the payment of the due sums for their purchase, the reimbursement of the sums,  will be paid by the Seller, in every case, to who has made the payment.
The Site and its Content are furnished alike and without any guarantees .The contained information on the Site has a  purely informative purpose and doesn't constitute consultation of some type.
Medhelan doesn't declare nor guarantee that the information in the Site isnt accurate, complete or updated nor that the Site or the server that it contains  are free from virus or from other harmful components. therfore, Medhelan S.r.l.  doesn't furnish technological infrastructures. therefore, Medhelan S.r.l.  doesn't furnish any declaration or guarantee  that the Site is without  errors or available in a continuous way. Medhelan S.r.l. doesnt furnish neither declaration nor guarantee regarding the use of the Content on the Site in terms of correctness, accuracy, adequacy, utility, punctuality, reliability or other, in the maximum measure allowed by the law.

9. Limitations Of Responsibility The use of the site from the occasional consumer or of the final Consumer happens under its  total responsibility. Neither Medhelan S.r.l., neither some of its collaborators, managers, manager, agents or some other subjects involved in the creation, production or distribution of the web site will be responsible for any direct damage, indirect, particular, consequenses or of other nature, connected  to the use of this site, or from the impossibility of use of the Content of the site,  included damages caused by virus or other types of incompleteness or not correctness of the information on the web site, inclusive in the case in which Medhelan S.r.l. has received notice of the possibility of such damages.

10. Connections To Third Parts For better use and to implement the use of the web site, Medhelan S.r.l.  can occasionally foresee sites connections web of ownership and entirely under the management of third subjects. Such connections which  send out the consumer of our service and of the web site, are out of every possibility of control of Medhelan S.r.l..  The sites to which you can be linked contain terms and conditions proper and a proper informative on the Privacy; Medhelan S.r.l. it declines any responsibilities regarding the content and to the activities of the sites just described. 


The consumer visits / enters therefore to these sites to real risk and danger and under his/her exclusive responsibility.
11.incorrect USE of THE SITE
To the consumer e/o final consumer it  is prohibited to make use of the site to publish or to transmit whatever contained by him produced which violate or can violate in any way the rights of intellectual ownership of bystanders, or that is held otherwise illegitimate,  threatening, false, misleading, provocative, defamatory, invasion of privacy, obscene, pornographic, unauthorized, discriminatory, illegal, or any other  material that can constitute or  promote  criminal considered behavior, or violate the rights of whatever part  that can prefigure  civil responsibility or  violation of law.

Medhelan S.r.l. can deny the access to the consumer to the Site in whatever moment by his own discretion, including, for example,  situations  which Medhelan S.r.l. believes that the use of the web site is violating one of the presents terms and conditions for the use of the site and or  shape of violation of law.
To the consumer and or final consumer it  is forbidden to use the site to publicize  or to perform commercial communications.

In relationship to all the comments, ideas, opinions, creativity, questions, images, video, dates, graphic, sketches or other types of material personalizations, ID or other information (to include also understood information published in chat room or on other forum on the site) - from now on denominated "Contained Produced by the consumer" -,  published on the site, or also in the hypothesis in which the consumer sends Contained  Produced by the consumer through the site to Medhelan S.r.l.,  will be the owner  of the rights of intellectual ownership and of other inherent rights of the Content Produced by the consumer will immediately be transfered  and automatically belong to Medhelan S.r.l.



The consumer and or final consumer recognizes and adknowledges  that no remuneration will be furnished for the transfer of the license of all the rights of exploitation of the Content Produced by the consumer of which above, in how much its applications are satisfied from the possibility to show its Content Produced by the consumer through the site and in association with the brand Medhelan S.r.l..
The consumer acknowledges and consents that Medhelan S.r.l.  acts only as a passive conductor for the distribution of the Contents produced by the consumer, and it is not responsible for anything introduced. 

Medhelan S.r.l. it doesn't guarantee the precision, integrity or quality of the Content Produced by the consumer and Medhelan S.r.l. cannot assure that a Content Produced by the consumer of harmful nature, inaccurate, misleading, offensive, threatening, defamatory, illegitimate or otherwise disputable doesn't appear on the site.
The consumer  guarantees that every Content Produced by the consumer or other information sent to the site by him doesn't contain material offensive, pornographic, defamatory, blasphemous, illegal and it doesn't violate, even potentially, the rights of bystanders or the in forced legislation.

The consumer also guarantees that all the materials introduced to our site are original material of the consumer and not copied, entirely or partly, from some third  party. and that it doesn’t  hold Medhelan S.r.l.responsible  and  removes any request of  third parts coming from anyone. m informs the consumer not to send anything that wants to be maintained reserved. The consumer is forced not to upload  advertising and contents  on the site, and not even to make use of the same site to solicit others to enroll or to participate to some other service online and or other structures. The consumer could be required to log in himself and or  to accept additional conditions of use before he is allowed  to publish or otherwise to distribute the Content Produced by the consumer.

The Content Produced by the consumer is not  considered  reserved anymore and Medhelan S.r.l.  will have the right to divulge or to use, to copy, to integrate, to alter, to modify, to publicly expose, to distribute the Content Produced by the consumer with any formality and or forms, without assuming any responsibility or obligation of communication towards the consumer, which recognizes and acts not to boast any request towards Medhelan S.r.l. or of any other part in the case in which the Content Produced by the created consumer, published or sent by the consumer is used by Medhelan S.r.l. or from such other part as previously stated.
The consumer recognises that Medhelan S.r.l.  doesn't have any obligation to use or to answer  any Content.

The consumer accepts to notify to Medhelan S.r.l. in form of writing any Content produced by the consumer or other type of content, that  violates the contained clauses in the present binding informative for use on the site. The consumer declares to undertake to furnish all the information to allow Medhelan S.r.l. to inquire and to investigate about the concrete violation of the contractual contents for the use of the site from the Content produced by the consumer in matter (or of other Contents). Medhelan S.r.l. nevertheless  preserves the greatest liberty of the provisions to adopt in consequence than above and doesn't declare and  doesn't even guarantee that it will stop or  will remove such Contents produced by the consumer or other Contents.

Any use of a content of the site, is the exclusive risk of the consumer. Without limiting the generality than it precedes, the consumer recognizes and accepts that Medhelan S.r.l. it is not responsible of any Content Produced by the consumer that  proposes  to  offer medical suggestions  or suggestions in subject of training, exercises or diets. You are recommended to always turn to your own physician or other qualified sanitary operator for all the questions in subject of conditions medical or specific programs of training.

The present General Conditions are disciplined by the Italian right and will be interpreted  based on it, included here the legislative decree n. 206 of September 6 th 2005 (Code of the Consumption), with particular reference to the Title III [of the Part III], Head The, Section II of motto Code of the Consumption as well as the legislative decree n. 70 of April 9 th 2003 (normative on the electronic commerce), except any different prevailing mandatory norm of the country of usual residence of the client.
In case of controversy the competent court is Milan (Italy).

Medhelan S.r.l.  reserves the right to bring changes e/o integrations at any moment to the present General Conditions of Sale and the Privacy Policy. Such changes or amendments will exclusively be effective in relationship to orders of purchase subsequently introduced to the date of change or upon new amendment.